A 'Young Roots' heritage project exploring the legacy and migration of people into West Lothian by recording and investigating the stories, accents and dialects of the people that live there.

Working with a visual artist and writer/actor in a series of workshops, young people from the West Lothian Youth Action Project clubs in Armadale, Broxburn and Craigshill have made distinctive and thought-provoking artworks.

This celebration event brings together the diverse work produced which includes film, photography, drawing and experimental music.

Using a combination of digital SLR’s and analogue film, the groups photographed their surroundings, thinking about street names, signs and symbols that helped them understand their local heritage. The resulting images show a diverse “portrait” of Broxburn, Craigshill & Armadale from the perspective of some of the young people that live there.

More information can be found on the Talkin' Aboot Ma Past Website -

The site showcases the conception to completion of the work done by the young people.