Grow, Cook, Eat and Share

The established community garden in Craigshill

We are very excited to be working in partnership with Almond Housing Association to provide a community garden food resource in Craigshill.

Growing Together coordinator Katrina Dunlop will be working to establish the new community resource, creating and cultivating community gardens> We will also have cooking sessions and hosting community events as well as promoting the ability to create nutritious meals at home and supporting people of all ages who want to grow food.

There are new and exciting developments ahead for this project and we look forward to sharing them with you.

The change of seasons is upon us

It's that time of year when we are looking for something quick, tasty and nutritious and home-made Soup certainly ticks all the boxes.

checkout this new instructional videos HERE (recipes included)

A new community garden for Craigshill

The community garden will include an abundance of flowers, shrubs, herbs and vegetables in raised beds and will include other facilities to encourage use of the garden by tenants and their families including children of all ages. It is envisaged the garden will evolve and grow as a sustainable dynamic greenspace for the benefit of our tenants and the wider community. Work on the site is due to start later in 2020.

Groundwork in preparation for the new Polly_Tunnel at Riverside


Kat and crew are working hard to get the new structure up by xmas, weather permitting of course.

This Polly-Tunnel should withstand the good Scottish weather this winter, unlike the last one; which was flattened after the last storm. Once in place a selection of fruit, veg, plants and herbs will be grown here.

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polly-tunnel groundwork (4).jpg
polly-tunnel groundwork (3).jpg