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​Youth Action Project has a long history of effective partnership working with a multitude of statutory and voluntary organisations.

West Lothian Education Services

The Youth Action Project have had a close working relationship with high schools throughout West Lothian for many years, including The Skills Centre and more recently Connelly school.

The work can include bespoke groupwork and training programmes, often funded through Pupil Equity Funds to engage and support young people who struggle with mainstream education.

Referrals are also made via the Wellbeing Recovery Group from teachers or directly from schools to provide 1-1 Interventions for pupils who have specific difficulties with mental health or are making poor life choices.

C:Card is a free condom service in Edinburgh & the Lothians.
It's quick and easy to get free condoms through the C:Card Network. We don’t need your name and address, or any other personal details. You just need to go along to the closest c:card point that is appropriate for your age.


Youth Action Project has had the pleasure of working with Community Action Blackburn providing music workshops and Peer Education. Repeat requests have been made over the years asking for our Peer Educators and music staff to support the P6 & P7 Blackburn schools conference, to work with pupils, encouraging them to identify and express their views on their community though the media of music, drama and dance.


Click on the link above to read more and to hear songs from the Annual Schools Conference.



Youth Action Project have been members of LAYC for more than ten years. They have provided us with continuing professional development through staff training opportunities and providing an ongoing link for us to Youth Scotland and through the provision of Youth Acheviement and Dynamic Youth Awards.

The Youth Action Project was fortunate in receiving a grant through NHS Lothian and LAYC in 2013 allowing for four seperate groups within the organisation to develop different tobacco projects. Further more in 2014 Y.A.P has been successful in receiving an award of £15,795 to work in partnership with NHS Lothian and University of Edinburgh participatory research to undertake social action project for the next year.

An intitiative to address underage drinking on the streets of West Lothian. In partnership with WLDAS and Police. WLYAP provide a follow up support service on an individual basis for these young people and West Lothian Drug and Alcohol service provide counselling for those who have serious alcohol problems.


Support is provided by West Lothian Council to the Youth Action Project in many ways through core funding, support of the board of directors, and specific projects which have been mentioned elsewhere on the site.Youth Action Project representatives hold a position on many partnership groups with the council such as Youth Provider Forums, Community Safety Partnerships, Activity Agreement Steering Groups and Early Intervention and prevention working groups.

Below are more links to some of the many partnerships that we have the privilege

to work with and some organisations that we support or receive support from.

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