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Yap Music




The most important thing YAP gave me was a sense of place and also the confidence to express myself. I would never perform in front of others but now you'd be lucky to keep me quiet. I learned more than any music degree could teach me about playing with others. Even small tricks that help you 'hone your abilities' go a long way. Not every young person needs to know how to tune a guitar but they do deserve an environment where they can develop themselves socially.

   INtegr8 Befriending

My transition from Covey Befriending to INtegr8 at Youth Action Project was smooth and effortless and I credit this purely to the open conversations between myself and my Co-ordinator, the convenient way meetings were made around my schedule taking into account my home life, and the reassurance given that I was in fact wanted by Youth Action Project. Throughout the whole process I felt in control and listened to which gave me confidence that any young person I was paired with would be given the same courtesy. I feel a real part of the INtegr8 team and after two successful matches; I am reassured in my own abilities and Youth Action Project’s standards and commitment to young people.


Tooled Up


Hi, my name is Dean and I have been working with Tooled Up for nearly a year now. I first became involved after working with the LITE project.

I have had the opportunity to try lots of different kinds of practical work. Building railway sleeper planters for the Quentin court garden project. Basic maintenance of the project vehicles (oil changes, coolant and tyre pressures). Building a BBQ and refurbishing furniture for the Addiewell community garden project, after assisting with clear up and tidying of the garden.


I was also selected to represent the project at an event for our funders, Ethicon in the Community.

I really enjoy my time at Tooled Up and feel that I am now much more prepared for work, after also attending some adult basic education courses.

I would like to thank West Lothian Youth Action Project and especially Barry and Joe for putting up with me and teaching me skills I will take into my working life.




       Wee Croft



Being involved with the Youth Action Project has turned out rather well for me, I've been given a lot of opportunities that I just wouldn't have gotten otherwise. What really kicked it all off for me was presenting the wee crofts news at the A.G.M back in November, although it was nerve racking speaking in front of all those people, the praise I received from people I spoke to afterwards more than made up for it! In the wee croft itself I am chairman of our committee, during my time doing this we have organised and held our Christmas party. After receiving a generous donation of party food from Tesco all went well and everyone had a good time at our last party in our current building.


With the building of our new home due to get underway soon we look forward to moving in and after all the hard work that went into securing it I'm sure we'll all appreciate it that bit more! Another one of the opportunities the YAP has given me has been to become a member of West Lothian's Youth Congress and I've been given the honour of representing the project there. And even if I don't become prime minister, being involved in committees and decision making is always a great thing to have on your CV! The project is in the process of creating it's own committee for young people, and with the first meeting on the 16th of january I look forward to meeting other people involved with the project there. Overall, being involved with the Youth Action Project has been great for me, and I really hope it continues long into the future.




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